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As the industry leader in large-scale network integration services, we not only have a professional team of engineers with extensive experience but also time-tested project management methodologies and project management tools to support them. We understand how important deploying a network environment is to your business’ development. Whether you are building a new network, upgrading or expanding your current environment, implementing mature technologies or planning ahead for emerging ones. At ECCOM, we have the capabilities, and attitude to strive for excellence in every endeavor.

Our Project Implementation Service is process-based and service staff-oriented project management model that can help you control quality, manage time and costs to ensure a successful project implementation. Based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) industry standard; the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), our internal project management tools and systems combines our real on-hands experience and knowledge dealing with customers to deliver a highly effective platform for project management.

There service encompasses the following project management knowledge domains: Scope Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communication management, Risk Management, and Procurement Management.

Scope Management: Once network planning is complete, both parties will work together to define project roles, responsibilities, a Statement of Work (SoW), and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to determine the scope and major deliverables for the project. Defining the scope and individual work units will assist with project control and help ensure that the project meets customer requirements.

Time Management:Focuses on managing the overall project schedule, and ensuring that the project is delivered on time. It is reflected through a detailed WBS task list and schedule, and managing possible risks (time-consuming tasks based off of prior experience). Our Project Manager tracks project progress and makes adjustments so that all major deliverables are completed within the specified time.

Quality Management: Through quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, quality improvement, our Quality Management system provides the framework to ensure quality within the project. Under our Quality Management system, the project is subject to the following quality criteria during project implementation: Engineering Implementation and Development Control, Change Control, Service Delivery and Budget Control, Testing, Risk Control, and Reporting.

Human Resource Management: Based off of the project scope and work breakdown analysis, we will organize and allocate the appropriate team for project implementation which includes Project Managers, Technical Leads, Engineering Leads, Technical Experts, and other support personnel depending on the scope of work required.

Communication Management: Comprises of communication plan development, coordinating and communicating project information with the customer, and performance reporting. During project planning, communication management tasks will define progress reporting schedules, methods, format, stakeholders, and content so all aspects of project information is communicated in the right way and in a efficient and smooth fashion.

Risk Management: During project implementation, we emphasis the importance of Risk Management during planning for identifying projects risks, analysis, and risk mitigation strategies to keep risk impacts to a minimum. In addition, during project implementation we will continue to monitor and identify new risks that might arise, and evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management plan.

Procurement Management: We have a standardized procurement process that is subject to our Quality Management framework (ISO 9001:2000), and can help you procure goods or services during project implementation. From procurement requests, audits, and approvals our procurement management process provides a standardized approach for your procurement needs.

These management domains are all taken into account during project implementation, and are combined together for a comprehensive and integrated approach suited towards any project engagement.



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