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The operations and maintenance of your Data Center plays an extremely important role in the management of your overall IT infrastructure, and is critical factor in your day-to-day business operations. As your business and your IT infrastructure grows, the demands on data center management and operations grow as well.


Business Challenges

• Improvements in Operations Processes & Control

Data Centers frequently have various business requirements and constantly need to focus on reducing operational risk, maintaining network security, and ensure stable operations after maintenance change processes. In addition, administrators need to contend with Configuration, Asset, and Incident Management processes, Incident resolution, Process-based job position set-up, other KPI for continual improvement.

• Assessing Network Environment Conditions

The lack of methodologies for proactive assessment of your data center network can lead to risks and problems related to security, availability, configuration, and service status; e.g., End-of-Service (EoS).

• Standardized Implementation Improvements

The lack of standard proactive & preventative implementation processes during day-to-day operations can result inefficient engineer performance, ineffective maintenance activities, and an overall lack of management criteria to guide and assess performance.

Target Customer Demographic

Based on market research analysis and best practices experience, our Data Center Network Operations Service is suited for small and medium data centers that have:

  • •  Equipment racks numbering less than 3000;
  • •  IT network support staff comprised of less than 20 individuals;
  • • Less than 2000 total network devices within the environment;

Our services cover commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, securities & stock exchanges, insurance, multinational enterprises, and Internet Data Center (IDC) companies.

Solution Summary

Using our platform and services, our Consulting, Implementation, and Managed Services team provides you with support across the various phases of service planning, transition, and service operations. We can help you to achieve standardized service processes within your Operations, organize your operational roles and activities, increase your network operations efficiency, and improve service quality and customer satisfaction, all the while helping you reduce costs and operational risks.


Solution Differentiators and Benefits

• Process-based Management and Control

Our service primarily focuses on two main aspects; process control (PDCA) and operations processes (ITIL v3), not just on network equipment and support personnel. Standardized activities, processes, and service levels can greatly improve network operations efficiency, customer satisfaction, and service quality while helping to reduce costs and risks.

• Service Visualization

Using our IT Service Management (ITSM) operations platform, we can use service records, process activities, and other performance data to provide you with a professional report of your Data Center Operations. Through our service we can help you visual the services running within your Data Center, provide quantifiable service process management, and improve overall IT infrastructure availability.

• Quantifiable Services

Through third party SLA monitoring, service quality auditing and support, we can help you to establish control systems and standards. Based on your service requirements, we can develop a service catalog; define service inputs and outputs, SLAs, and other criteria. Through service reporting we can provide you with service statistics on various indicators such as response times, SLA performance, incident/problem resolution rates, change rates, and other operations and maintenance information.

Solution Benefits

The ECCOM Data Center Network Operations Services solution offers the following customer benefits:

  • • Operation and Maintenance best practices
  • • Co-Managed Network Operations model
  • • Service Visualization & Process Management
  • • Strong Technical Support
  • •  SLA Guarantee & Quality Control


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