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The importance of security in your network operations is paramount, and as such the maintenance and management of the firewalls protecting your network warrants constant attention and focus. Ensuring that the policies and rules surrounding your firewall configuration align with the goals set by your security policy requires constant monitoring of firewall configurations for abnormal or unnecessary firewall rules. As such, we have developed a comprehensive Firewall Policy Lifecycle Management Solution to help you with your security needs.

Business Challenges

Based on years of hands-on experience and market analysis, some challenges we have found customers typically contend with during the day-to-day operations and maintenance of their network environments are:

  • Multi-vendor firewall environments may be misconfigured or have security loopholes;
  • Large and complex networks with large volume of firewall devices leaving administrators unable to effectively manage security policies;
  • Highly dynamic and changing network environment makes firewall management (even relatively small numbers of firewalls) extremely difficult;
  • Regulatory compliance require regular scheduled audits and compliance checks;
  • Large number of existing (and sometimes unnecessary) network firewall access policies are ineffective and pose as possible security risks;

Requirements Analysis

Traditional firewall management must rely on the administrator’s own security management experience, however within the current large-scale distributed environment focus (in terms of what needs to be managed) needs to shift from the firewall equipment to security policies instead. In order to provide specialized security & risk management services with intelligent automation service tools, we need to:

  • Provide firewall policy management services across a wide range of vendor equipment;
  • Establish a centralized security policy management process able to support dynamic and changing environments;
  • Perform periodic audits to verify security policies and eliminate security vulnerabilities;

Solution Summary

By analyzing a customer’s business applications and their associated infrastructure using industry standards and best practices to determine the overall customer requirements for firewall policy management, our process is as follows:


Solution Differentiators and Benefits

Firewall Policy Evaluation
Leverage our expertise for analysis, feedback, and recommendations. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities and gain a high-level view of your security policies.

Firewall Policy Guidance
Helping customers with process verification, reducing security risks, and gain benefits such as design, planning, and testing guidance.

Firewall Policy Enforcement
Tailored solutions for customers with full implementation, management, and accountability for firewall policy management.

Managed Firewall Policy
Co-managed model for Managed Firewall services. Customers and ECCOM work conjointly in managing firewall policies.

Customer Benefits

With our security policy management processes, we can assist you with Change Management, Risk Management, automated auditing, and firewall policy optimization;

In addition, using our automated management tools you can regularly back up your firewall policies, utilize them for offline firewall policy analysis, and remove unused or unnecessary firewall rules.


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