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With the increasingly competitive market for remote managed services, customers are ever more focused on standardized services, increased transparency and alignment through service visualization, and proactive responsive customer support founded on strict Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our IP Telephony (IPT) Remote Operations Solution helps customers meet these goals, improving operational efficiency, and reducing your overall operating expenses.

Business Challenges

Increasing Complexity in New Technologies

Voice over IP (VOIP) technologies has increased the complexity of IT within the enterprise. This additional complexity adds to the workload and difficulty for your IT staff in the management and support of your company’s infrastructure. Slow detection and response for IPT-related problems introduce high operational risk and hazards impacting your core business.

Increased Complexity in Operations Management

The difficulties in the management of your IPT assets, and large volume of routine maintenance require an effective management process. Without a management framework in place, it is inherently harder for the collection, tracking, and assessment of operations data leaving you without visibility into your performance or any other key indicators.

Maintaining Work Efficiency & Productivity

The day-to-day management of your IPT infrastructure typically encompasses many simple and repetitive maintenance tasks adding to your IT workload, and taking time away from your staff to focus on your core areas of your business.


ECCOM IPT Remote Operations Solution

Solution Overview

Our Operations Customer Service Team will work with you to develop a standardized service process based off of your company’s requirements.

During the course of the service, our customer service engineers will provide real-time monitoring, and rapid service delivery remotely. In addition, our Operations Management platform will collect and record work and services performed, serving as the basis for future reporting and business analysis delivered from our Service Manager.

Service Model


Solution Benefits

Be More Efficient

With our advanced Operations Management tools, we can ensure that service deliverables are standardized; exhibit consistent service quality, and reliability.

Our proactive response and management approach to customer service aims to provide.

you with a professional and timely network support help desk.

Assured Professional Services

Our customer services team is tailored to your infrastructure’s unique technical characteristics. We pick the team resources suited for your engagement. Armed with the capabilities and knowledge to reduce the impact of events on availability of the service and your company’s critical business functions.

We perform real-time tracking of Service Requests and service processing, enabling high degree of service visualization and reporting capabilities for you to analyze service performance and quality.

Enabling Financial Flexibility

Leverage financial flexibility through our wide range solutions and customizable services, suited for various types of clients, infrastructures, and environments.


Customer Benefits

Increase Your Corporate Competitive Advantage

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT

Quantify your IT Total Value of Ownership (TVO)

Standardize Internal Processes

Using internationally recognized methodologies and processes, we can help you develop and implement standardized processes for your Network & IPT operations.

Utilize our proven IT Service Management Platform: ECCOM Case System, and ECCOM Health Check platform help you to manage your corporate infrastructure.

Service Visualization

Enable visibility into performance through customizable reporting, providing you with an accurate view of your overall IT Operations.

Develop Continuous Improvement initiatives based off of in-depth analysis generated during Service Delivery for further added benefits  Increase your return by acting on our expert recommendations and feedback through periodic assessments


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