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Solution Overview

Private Clouds are cloud infrastructures owned by the enterprise, and exclusively used by its’ branch offices, and employees. As opposed to public or hybrid cloud infrastructures, private clouds offer finer control over security and quality of services for information it stores. For large enterprise data centers, private clouds will become the main IT deployment model in the future, and is the next evolution in cloud computing. Only by utilizing private cloud as part of your critical infrastructure, are enterprises able to truly achieve "IT as a Service”.

ECCOM Private Enterprise Cloud Solution

Our Private Enterprise Cloud Solution based on cloud computing infrastructure, virtualization & security control, and cloud management platform, offering you all the necessary components for a true private cloud.

While private cloud architecture allows for the abstraction all hardware into a pool that encompasses servers, storage, network, and virtualized resources, it’s not just simply about interconnecting those components. Our solution offers you the ability to pool all of your hardware resources without the need for upper layer cloud management software, enabling you flexibility in server deployment and utilization efficiency.

With our private cloud architecture, we can help you integrate your private cloud across your entire infrastructure, across converged networks, help you reduce costs associated with management costs and equipment. With Virtualization & Security Control, our solution not only covers the management and security of the equipment and staff responsible for the infrastructure itself; but extends to Virtual Machines (VM) running on your cloud, security isolation and strategies used between hardware devices, user identity authentication and access control systems, as well as security audits to ensure business applications and platforms are secure.

Our Cloud Service Management platform can help you manage all your cloud infrastructure assets, as well as help you perform resource pooling, performance monitoring, system health checks, and service scheduling. Other features include: the ability to manage the lifecycle of a VM, self-service capabilities for not only IT administrators but everyday staff as well, resource allocation control, billing features, and process control for operations management support.

Solution Benefits

  • • Simplify Service Deployment:
  • Shorten service delivery times between service requests to IT. Your IT administrator can immediately process the request, allocate necessary resources, and implement the services requested.  
  • •Enable Business Continuity through High Availability:
  • Our solution provides high availability at the hardware layer, increasing your network bandwidth as well as storage and server redundancy. Utilize Virtualization technologies for agile deployments/migrations helping to reduce impacts from scheduled equipment maintenance and unforeseen incidents.
  • • Virtualization Security Policing:
  • Implement security measures for not only your physical infrastructure, but for your virtual infrastructure as well. Security policies can be scaled down to a single VM allowing you to implement flexible and effective security measures for your entire infrastructure.
  • • Architecture Scalability:
  • Our solution is highly scalable. Whether you are looking to expand network, servers, storage or virtualization components, we are able to scale at any layer easily. Our solution can extend to multi-datacenter or hybrid cloud environment.


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